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What to Consider when Choosing a Child Check-in System for Your Church

Children’s safety is not something you can compromise on. Kids today are exposed to a world of danger and should be protected at all costs. Yes, even at church - or rather especially at church.

It is your job as a leader to step up security measures when it comes to your youth and children. And one way you can do this is by having a child check-in system. But how do you know which software will go the extra mile in keeping your bundles of joy safe?

Here’s what you should consider before purchasing a child check-in system


Why Background Checks on Volunteers Are a Must for Church Safety

A difficult subject to talk about, but not one to be ignored.

The same way you wouldn’t let a stranger into your house to take care of your kids without running a background check, you shouldn’t allow an entire group of strangers to come and volunteer at your church without looking into their past.

It’s your responsibility as a leader to protect your flock against wolves in sheep’s clothing, and the best way to do that is by properly screening church volunteers.