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How ChMS Helps You Serve and Lead Your Volunteers Well

Volunteers are the lifeblood of your church – their devotion and efforts are constantly leading your congregation into new areas of growth, and without a well-functioning volunteer team it is just a matter of time before your church runs into problems. 

For the sake of your church’s health it is vital that you manage your volunteer team diligently and efficiently, and thanks to Church Management Software (ChMS) this no longer has to be burdensome.

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How to Write a Killer Welcome Email to Follow Up With Church Guests

Writing a follow-up email for church visitors can be challenging to say the least. If you’re like me you may come across too eager or struggle to find the balance between saying too little or too much. So how do you go about it the right way?

Let’s explore what it takes to write a killer welcome email using tools within your Church Management Software that will leave your first-time guests almost no choice but to return.

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5 Surefire Ways to Help Your Church Adapt To New Technology

Is technology a friend or foe of your church? Throughout the years the church has slowly adapted to living a fast-paced life but change has never been welcomed with open arms. And now that technology has seeped into almost every area of our lives, it has become impossible to avoid. Which begs the question, how do you get members to embrace it, especially Church Management Software?

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Growing Church Small Groups with The Help of ChMS Technology

I remember when I first arrived at my church. I knew no one, I could hardly find my way around town, and I was desperately in need of fellowship. How did I find the group of people I’ve come to love and cherish, and now call my family? The answer is small groups.

It’s here where the bonding happens. A safe place where we can show our true colors and provide a platform for discipleship and growth in the church. The good news is that you don’t have to initiate it on your own – here are 7 ways in which church management software can help you establish small groups:


Pastoral Care Made Easy With ChMS

“Take care and be on guard for yourselves and for the whole flock over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you as overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He bought with His own blood.” – Acts 20:28

As a shepherd you have been entrusted to take care of God’s people – to tend, feed and guide them. But many times you’re so busy taking care of the flock that you neglect to take care of yourself. This can lead to burnout, and inevitably some people WILL fall through the cracks. 

So how can you take care of yourself AND ensure that not one sheep gets left behind?


What to Consider when Choosing a Child Check-in System for Your Church

Children’s safety is not something you can compromise on. Kids today are exposed to a world of danger and should be protected at all costs. Yes, even at church - or rather especially at church.

It is your job as a leader to step up security measures when it comes to your youth and children. And one way you can do this is by having a child check-in system. But how do you know which software will go the extra mile in keeping your bundles of joy safe?

Here’s what you should consider before purchasing a child check-in system


How ChMS Can Help Equip Your Church for Ministry

As a church it is our job to ensure that members are equipped to go out and advance the kingdom of God with power. An army general won’t send his people into battle without providing them with a powerful arsenal, and neither should you.

And the best way you can ensure that your people are ready for the fight is through church management software.

Let’s see how ChMS can help equip your members more efficiently.


Volunteer Management Simplified by ChMS

Think of the largest event your congregation has ever hosted… Okay, now remove all your volunteers from that picture. Would it still have been a raging success? Probably not. Your volunteers’ contribution is invaluable in helping you fulfil your church’s mission.

With the latest technology at the tips of your fingers you no longer have an excuse for miscommunication. With such a valuable workforce offering up their time and skills to serve, it is essential that you return the favor by providing an organized and enjoyable work environment for volunteers. 


How Technology has Changed the Church

For years the church has been known to shy away from technology. Without the right tools and resources churches and ministry organizations can struggle.

However, in more recent times the church has been leveraging technology because of its great benefits in spreading the Gospel more efficiently.

But how has technology changed the church?

Let’s have a look at some statistics:

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Why do Churches Fail in the First Four Years?

A staggering 32% of churches fail within the first four years. So what do the congregations that succeed do differently and can you keep your church from falling into the same category?

In this blog we’ll take a look at the most prominent reasons why a church fails. Based on a survey where 1103 churches from 23 different denominations were tracked over a period of 12 years, the results were based on the following questions:

Church Fail 4 Years