Printing address labels

We have now added in the ability to print address labels from a number of places in elvanto!

You can Print Address Labels when sending a letter…

Or you can also Print Address Labels when exporting any standard report. We’ve also added it to the Financial -> Giving Statements report for now.

At this stage we only support a sheet of 21 labels (3 x 7 labels, size 63.5 x 38.1 mm) which are standard address labels. Be sure to let us know if you have other label sizes you commonly use.



  • Shaun

    Hi Ben

    Great job on getting this working!
    Is it possible to have names attached to the address’s on the labels?

    Mine just exports the address, but you can’t see who it belongs to.


    • Ben

      Good call! Somehow we missed this one 😛

  • Awesomeness Ben. This is certainly something that will get utilised.

    PS love the iPad printing feature too. Works great. :_)

    • Ben

      Great to hear Murray!

  • Laurie

    Hello, We use Avery Labels 5160, which has 30 labels per sheet. Is there any way to print address labels using this label?

    • Ben

      Hi Laurie,
      Do you have a label template in Microsoft Word that you’re using? If you can send it through to support (at) elvanto (dot) com w’ed be happy to look at this for you.

  • Tom


    One comment, One question:
    1. Avery Labels 5160 is what we use as well (probably most common address label in US)

    2. How do we remove the country name in the address label?

    Thans for everything!

    • Ben

      Hi Tom,
      Thanks for your message. We do support the Avery Label 5160. Simply log into the Admin Area and go to Settings -> Account Settings. From there you can change the paper size to “Letter” and select the “3 x 10 (label size 66.7 x 25.4 mm)” label size which is the dimensions for the 1560 label. At the moment you cannot remove the Country from the address label but this is a feature we plan to add in the near future. I don’t have an exact ETA on it yet.
      Let us know if you have any further questions

  • Rob Henry

    Can it be setup to work with a Dymo Label printer?

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