Need to merge duplicates? No problem at all…

Have you done a big import? Need to quickly merge duplicates? Will now you can.

Simply navigate to the People page in the ‘Admin Area’ and select  Duplicates from the ‘People Views’ menu.

It will load a list of duplicates like it always did. But under each duplicate it will give you an option to Merge with duplicates. Click this and it will give you a pretty screen displaying all the duplicates.

Simply choose which the the Primary Profile (the person you want to be set as the main contact record) and then scroll down and choose which records are the most correct. You can merge data like activity and notes as well ensuring the final record will be up-to-date.


  • Jill Lloyd

    Love the new combining Duplicates. A great help. Thanks.

    • Ben

      Thanks Jill! Let me know if you find any improvements that could be added 🙂

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