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Keep on Top of your Safe Ministry checks and courses with Elvanto and Safe Ministry Training


Over the past few years, its become increasingly important for churches to make sure their volunteers and leaders are properly screened and trained to work with vulnerable people. Churches carry a responsibility, not only protect the people in their programs, but also to make sure anyone working with children has the required verifications.

Until recently, this has normally meant churches have to manually transfer people’s records into Elvanto in order to keep accurate data and to see up to date reports. This can mean people get missed, or get asked to do courses and be screened multiple times.

But now, can integrate with your Elvanto account, recording when people have done their training, whether they’ve been properly screened, and details about their State Working with Children check.

The online courses at have been developed in partnership with Ansvar Insurance - who are passionate about helping churches and faith organisations manage their risk and safeguard vulnerable people.

Not only does provide engaging and and relevant courses that people can do anytime online, it also provides tools for automatically screening your leaders; offering automated WWCC and Bluecard checks (for most states) and automated email referee checks that will reduce your administration load, while helping safeguard your church.


Guest Post by Dave Moore

Check out to see how they can help your church be safe, legal and insurable.

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