Print child check-in labels from your iPad, iPhone, Android, whatever… Introducing ‘Label Print Stations’

As promised we have now released the ability to print child check-in labels from devices that can’t have a physical label printer attached. This includes devices such as an iPad, iPhone, Android device or even computers and laptops that you have laying around but not enough label printers! We’ve called it ‘Label Print Stations’.

Great thing is, after you’ve set-up a printer on a computer, making it into a ‘Print Station’ is super dooper easy. We’ve put┬átogether┬ásome details on how it works and how to get started.

If you need more details on getting your printer set-up on the computer, check out this cool piece of information.

We hope that this new feature will save you time and money (you now don’t have to buy label printers for every computer).



Let's get started.