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How ChMS Helps You Serve and Lead Your Volunteers Well

Blog Banner - Large (1)Volunteers are the lifeblood of your church – their devotion and efforts are constantly leading your congregation into new areas of growth, and without a well-functioning volunteer team it is just a matter of time before your church runs into problems. 

For the sake of your church’s health it is vital that you manage your volunteer team diligently and efficiently, and thanks to Church Management Software (ChMS) this no longer has to be burdensome.

Let’s explore a few ways ChMS can help you lead and manage your volunteer team:

Sign up volunteers online

A personal invitation is always better than a general announcement made on stage. You are more likely to receive a positive response from members when you personally ask them to serve in a specific area you think may be well suited to them. 

Once a person is willing to join your team of volunteers, send them a link they can use to sign up on your website. Don’t forget to include a form online where they can fill in the necessary details as well as in which area of ministry they would like to serve. This is also a good time to request a background check for a specified role, e.g. child ministry.

Make provision for those who don’t have access to a computer – hand them a paper form they can fill in and manually enter their details to your ChMS afterwards to ensure that you keep record of it and that it’s secure.

Train your team online (or offline)

Some roles require volunteer training. Your Church Management System can help you conduct and schedule online (or offline) training sessions for those who cannot attend sessions in person. It is also essential that you keep in mind that most parents or individuals are only available in the evenings. 

Log volunteer requests online

It is a team effort when it comes to ensuring that there are enough hands and feet to help at a special event or service. This sometimes leads to a lack of coordination between staff members, and consequently volunteers receive duplicate requests to serve at the same event at the same time but in different roles.

By using a ChMS your staff can now log requests and schedule volunteers in specific positions without getting their wires crossed. This way more effort can go into getting enough hands on deck and the event is sure to be a success.

Assign skilled volunteers to special tasks

You may have people in your church who are specialized in certain areas like doctors, plumbers, project managers, architects, writers, firefighters, and accountants among others. When a certain need arises you are able to leverage technology to gather the help of specific people.

With ChMS you can gather this type of information when they sign up to become members of the church and use the searchable fields to fill in their profession or skill. By keeping record of this data you can easily gain access to a specific person’s profile or search for a specific skillset depending on the need. E.g. in the case of natural disasters you will be able to search the database for doctors, firefighters, and plumbers and request immediate help through sending out a mass text message or email.

Other projects can include church renovations, Christmas plays, and bake sales among others.

Enable volunteers to do remote work

Social-media management, graphic design, blog writing, and administration… all these are tasks that can or should be performed online. Most volunteers already have day jobs and will only be able to serve in the evenings. Simplify their role and show your gratitude by granting them access to files in the Cloud or your ChMS database so that they are able to serve from a remote location.

This not only saves time but proves that their contribution to the church is valuable.

Pouring your effort and time into your church volunteer team is an investment that is sure to pay off. They serve you wholeheartedly, leveraging technology to coordinate and lead them is just one way you can return the favor.



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