Forms, forms and more forms

Database administrators love forms. Especially the ones that can be filled out by anyone and automatically add those details into the database. Think of the time it saves. Well today, we release Forms!

Forms allow you to generate any type of form. You choose the fields and what happens to the information after the form has been filled in. Easy!

Similar to People Categories, you can drag and drop headings and fields. You can even create custom fields especially for forms. You can choose your style and then embed the form on a website or send a link to the form via email.

After the form has been submitted, choose what happens to the information. Update the database, require approval? Any submissions made will try match the person’s details with a record in the database if you choose to do so. If it can’t find their details, it will add their details to the database for you. Assign administrators to manage the submissions made by the form.

Ready, lights, action! And yes, we’ve added ‘Actions’ that can be performed after the form has been submitted. Whether it be adding them to a group, a people flow step or updating information about the submitter in the database, we’ve go you covered. Soon we will allow registrations to be made for events through forms. Watch this space!

All this can be accessed under the Admin Area under the More -> Forms drop down. Hope you enjoy the new update!


Let's get started.