Facebook + Elvanto

Today is a great day! It’s cold and rainy outside, but it’s still a great day! And to make the day even greater, Facebook is now making your Elvanto experience better…

As of today, you and your volunteers can now link your Facebook account to your Elvanto account. Once linked, you can log in using your Facebook account and even create an account in seconds using Facebook as well.

As you will most likely already have an Elvanto account set-up, all you have to do is log in to your account using your log in details as always. Once logged in, at the top right of the screen will be a blue button that you can click to link your Facebook account.

Simply click this button and you will be redirected to Facebook. After you log in to Facebook (you might already be logged in), it will ask you to link your Facebook account to  Elvanto.

Don’t worry, we don’t give ourselves access to post on your wall or anything dodgy like that, it just allows Elvanto to ask Facebook (nicely of course) if you are using a valid Facebook log in.

You will then be redirected back to your Elvanto account and it should now be linked. From then on, you can log into your Elvanto account by clicking the Log in with Facebook button on the log in screen. It’s so easy! And we’ve added it to the mobile version as well making it easy to log in via your smart phone.

Another perk of using Facebook is it can pull your Facebook profile picture to use as the photo in your account.

Enjoy the new feature! This one’s a good one!


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