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Elvanto Joins Forces with 🎉

Yesterday we made an exciting announcement that Elvanto officially joined forces with

I am super excited about this as it opens up a huge opportunity for us to do something even greater for you and your church!

Over the years, I’ve personally built a relationship with the team at, and I’ve always connected with them, their heart for the church, and vision. 

With the merger now complete, my team and I aren’t going anywhere. We are totally onboard, and we’re excited to take Elvanto—, now Church Management— to a new level! 

Our desire is to serve the church. 

What does this mean for Elvanto customers?

By joining forces with, who provides a best-in-class giving platform and mobile apps, we’ll be better able to equip churches to love their people, serve their community, and grow. 

To add to that, we’re not changing your plans unless you want to. Although we are offering new plans, that I think you’re going to love, you won’t have to make any changes. So, if you have a 50 or 100 plan you’ll be able to keep it. But if you’re interested in checking out the new plans with, which include online and mobile giving and church apps, click on this link—you can even sign up for Giving for free .

We’ve also ramped up our support team, so we will now be able to serve our customers in the U.S. better.

One important detail I want to mention is that although we are rebranding to Church Management, the name will not be plastered everywhere. In fact, the product will only have brand color and icon branding. This is keeping in line with how we’ve always done things -- never really mentioned the company name inside the product. The same will hold true with our mobile app!

Here’s what else you need to know:

#1. Seamless onboarding

We are building a dedicated customer success team to help you and our future customers get started and get the most out of our products. We want to make sure you are using our tools to their full potential.

#2. Easy-to-use

On the product front, we’re hiring new team members to beef up our services. We’re excited to revamp our service planning, check-in process, events and registrations, group finders, and on and on and on. We want to make Church Management super easy to use. 

That’s not all. 

Seamless integration with Tithe.lys online giving, mobile giving, and church apps is in the works.  

Needless to say, but you’re going to love the updates and they’ll make your life and ministry a whole lot easier. 

#3. New look

We’re updating our backend to be more consistent with the brand, which you can see now by using the links in your menu. Everything is in the same place, we’ve just changed some colours and tweaked spacing.

Moving Forward

We’re thankful for the opportunity to serve you and customers in 45 countries. 

We love being able to support your mission, save you time, and make it easy to manage your church.

On behalf of the entire team at Elvanto, thank you for placing your trust in us! 

We’re also excited for what the future holds. And we’re looking forward to rolling out all of these updates.  

Still have questions? 

You can click here to access our FAQ.

We’re here to help. 

Browse around our FAQ or reach out to our team on the website and chat with us (chat bubble in bottom right of site) or email or give us a ring at (424) 228 8870 (USA) or +61 731 07 1682 (Global) with your questions. 


Ben Sinclair
Founder of Elvanto