Child check-in for churches!

Today’s the day! After months of hard work we’re finally releasing the BETA version of the child check-in system we’ve been talking about for so long!

And it’s ready to go now! But before you fall off your chair before logging into your account to give it a try, I’d highly recommend reading our help file article which will guide you on getting set-up. Should only take 5 or so minutes.

The reason it’s still in BETA is we still have some testing to do with touch screens, label printers, barcode scanning and some other features. We’ve still got some extra reporting to add in. But other than that it’s fully functional and can start being rolled out in your services.

Love to hear any feedback you have. We want this to be the best child check-in system for churches known to man.

Enjoy it!


  • This is the tipping point to bring our church across entirely from another Church management system. We have been using Elvanto for our rostering for almost 2 years now and we love it. Now this feature has just added the icing on the cake. Look forward to when the iPad printing feature is enabled.

    Just one little query, can services be added to the sticker? of Current date. And can font sizes be changed. So selected merge fields are larger than others.

    Once again, Elvanto, you ROCK!

  • Thanks Murray! I’ll note down your requests for sure!

  • Chris Jones

    Check-In is a great option to have!

    Is it possible to perform check-in for people in the database who aren’t allocated as ‘children’? For example… for use at a Friday night youth group – allowing the teenagers to check-in as they arrive (many of whom may not have parents who also attend the church).

    • Ben

      Hi Chris! At the moment it’s only for children. What you can do is assign anyone as a child without them being in a family. We added this feature last week. Thanks, Ben

  • Chris Jones

    Fantastic! That should achieve exactly what we’re trying to do.

    Thanks for the prompt reply 🙂

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