DYMO Label Printers and Chrome – Mac Update

In the final set of blog posts about this issue, we are happy to say that DYMO has released an updated version of the Dymo Label software for macOS, which will resolve the issues with Chrome. We have updated the links in our help site, and you can download the updated software directly using this link.

If you update your Macs to use the latest dymo software it should fix issues with Chrome, and from our testing works with Firefox and Safari as well. For the Windows update please see our previous blog post.

DYMO Label Printers and Chrome – Windows Updates

UPDATE: An updated version for Mac OS is now available. Please see this post for more information.

The latest version of Dymo’s Label software has been released for Windows, version 8.6.2. This release will fix the issues detailed in our previous blog post for Windows users.

We have updated the download link for Windows in our relevant help article. We are still waiting on a fix for Mac though. According to this blog post from DYMO this should be released over the next few days, and we’ll keep you updated when this has come.

Upcoming Access Permission Removal: Send emails from any email address

Very early on when Elvanto started, we added a “Send emails from any email address” option to Access Permissions that allowed just that: sending emails from any email address 😬

Although it’s a handy little feature, it does open up the potential for abuse. In hindsight, it was a bad idea so next week we will be removing this feature.

The good news is that under Settings -> Communications you can add email addresses that can be used to send emails from. You can then limit who can send from what email under the Communication section when editing an Access Permission.

Communication Sending Emails

If you’re using the ‘Send emails from any email address’ feature, I encourage you this week to jump into Settings -> Communication and add any email addresses you’d like to be able to send from so that there is no interruption next week when the feature is removed.

DYMO Label Printers and Chrome [UPDATED]

We have been made aware of some new issues with the latest version of both Google Chrome and Dymo. Google Chrome is not detecting installed Dymo printers when viewing the Check-in screen within Elvanto.

UPDATE 3: DYMO have released an update for Mac OS. Please see our (now) newest post for more information.

UPDATE 2: DYMO have released an update for Windows. Please see our newest post for more information.

UPDATE: DYMO have released a blog post regarding a fix for the issue. They expect it to be out in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

This issue only affects those running Chrome version 58 and Dymo 8.6.1. Users running Dymo 8.6.0 or Chrome 57 still will not be affected by this issue.

There are two workarounds until such time that Dymo releases an update to their software.

  • Use another browser (we prefer Firefox but there’s also Internet Explorer or Edge on Windows and Safari on Mac)
  • Navigate to chrome://flags/#allow-insecure-localhost in your Google Chrome address bar, and enable the allow-insecure-localhost flag. This will cause a “Not Secure” message to appear in the address bar.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do until Dymo release an update to their software. They are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

Shoot support an email if we can be of any help 🙂

May 2017 Updates

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Elvanto blog! We have been working on quite a few new updates so here are all the details!

New Member Directory

We have redesigned and also added support for families to the Member Directory!

Now when viewing the Member Directory, we’ve removed the table view and switched it out for our new ‘Card View’ which gives a quick snapshot of individuals and families. We felt this new view was a much more enjoyable visual experience for your members.

We have kept the old ‘List View’ which can be toggled to by clicking the ‘Switch to List’ button. This displays more information about individuals as the card view is limited to the first 3 fields you choose to display.

When you click on a family it now loads an additional page allowing you to choose a family member.

To turn on family view, simply head to Settings -> Member Directory. Here you’ll see some new settings to do with whether to show families or individuals and you can also now tweak sorting and name display. We’ve also moved the layout and display columns into a new tab called ‘Layout’.

Support for families has also been added to our Mobile App. The updated version of the app will be out in the next 24 hours on Androids and the next few days on iOS (Apple are slow…) so make sure you grab that when it’s out.

Improved Service Reporting

We’ve completely overhauled mass add individuals within the ‘Reporting’ tab of services. Our aim was to make recording attendance much simpler for you and your team.

Here’s a rundown of what you can now do:

  • Search families or individuals
  • Filters are saved if you close and reopen the modal window
  • Group people by families or display as individuals
  • Add a whole family in one click
  • Click to add individuals as attendance (you do not need to close the modal window and no more pesky checkboxes)
  • Sort by names
  • Choose how many records to display per page
  • Add all records in view with a single click

When adding individual attendance, we now display people who are already recorded in attendance by having grayed them out so that you can quickly identify if a person has been added and/or in the database.

Occasion Messages

A few weeks ago we added into Elvanto the ability to automatically send emails or SMS messages on birthdays and anniversaries.

If you head to Settings -> Communication -> Occasions, here you can configure it for your account. There are a few options to filter who is sent messages and in what way. We’ve added a nitfy little feature where it will only send an SMS if no email address is present (your finance people will love those savings!)

Other Updates

And of course plenty of other updates.

  • Invoice details are sent to PayPal and Stripe when paying for event registration
  • Added ability to cancel individual invoices and tickets for event registration
  • Improved layout of invoices to display fees better and custom payment methods
  • Added a summary of sold tickets to event sidebars
  • Changed the timeout for event registration forms to be based off user activity (e.g: moving their mouse, typing)
  • Improved wording for invoices with custom methods included without fees
  • Improved layout for invoices that are paid in full
  • Contacts now appear within a group without access to viewing contacts under the people area
  • Added a warning that deleting a flow step will delete nested flow steps underneath it
  • Added some extra tooltips when editing emails and letters
  • Updated how we handle end date for group meeting details so we aren’t confusing users
  • The person input now autofocuses when adding in multiple transactions, after the initial date has been inputted
  • Increased file storage to 10GB for all paid accounts
  • Rebuilt the contact modal to better support mass emails to thousands of recipients
  • Added ‘Source’ and ‘Blockquote’ options to the giving statement template editor window
  • Added the ability to export Standard Reports by adding &export[format]=csv or &export[format]=xls to the report URL. NOTE – This does not work for Comprehensive or Built-in Reports
  • Added the ability to group transactions in the batches report by method, or only show the total for each method

Make sure you check out our Releases website for all the details.

What’s Next?

We are making the finishing touches to our new Volunteer Swap & Replace feature. Cannot wait to have this out in the next couple of weeks. This will allow you to put the power in the hands of your volunteers to swap and replace themselves when scheduled on services.

We are also working on adding custom fields to groups to allow better filtering and sorting along with the ability to find and join groups from the member area. And of course, Check-in Version 2 is on its way.

And of course there’s plenty more tweaks, improvements and fixes to other areas of Elvanto so watch this space!

Have a great week!


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