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May Updates

While the developers have been full steam ahead for our upcoming V2 private beta release, we’ve worked to improve several features and reporting options for the software this month. See what’s new below:

Financial & Reports Improvements

Extra search options are now available with ‘Transactions Amounts’ filter in Advanced Search & People View/Reports. This is handy when you’re wanting to see a list of people who recently have or haven’t given in your account.


  • Transactions can now be hidden from the ‘Batches’ financial report.
  • New added ability to select all ‘Chart of Accounts’ when generating financial reports.
  • New added legends to graphs and charts when generated into PDF files.
  • Added the ability to print PDF and Excel files using the A3 or Ledger/Tabloid page size.
  • Added ‘Department Positions’ to display fields in Advanced Search & People Views/Reports.

New API Endpoints

We’ve opened up more song API endpoints for you to use in relation to Songs. Using these new endpoints you can now get the lyrics and chord chart information from your account. Documentation for these endpoints can be found on our API site.

Our new Ruby API Wrapper is now also available for use too!

Other Improvements


  • Improved process when creating an account Facebook so that it now checks for duplicate email address.-Added ‘Billing & Plan’ access permission.
  • Improved default sort order for past services so it shows newest first.

Lastly, we’ve given our Developers and Github pages a facelift. Check them out!


That’s all for now!

Google Chrome Issues with DYMO Printers

Those using Google Chrome last week for Check-in would have experienced issues when printing to DYMO Label Printers. This has been a known issue at DYMO for a long time now but only last week did it actually affect the majority of Google Chrome users due to a recent update.

More details on this issue can be found at the official DYMO Label Framework blog.

A some may be already aware of, Google has announced that it will phase out support for NPAPI in Chrome with the ultimate removal in Sept 2015. We use NPAPI in the framework for plugin support for most browsers except for IE which we use an ActiveX plugin. We are investigating alternatives to NPAPI but we have not come up with a solution yet.

For this weekends check-ins, please use an alternative browser to Google Chrome. Some options include:

Before using another browser, please test that your check-in labels are printing for the alternative browser well before your next service. If you are experiencing issues with using an alternative browser, there may have been an issue installing the DYMO software into that browser. You may need to reinstall the two DYMO Label software packages to resolve the issue. Please see these articles for further help.

We apologise for the inconvenience and we hope that DYMO come up with a solution soon.

March updates come with improvements to Check-in

This month we’ve been making some improvements to the Check-in area to help improve security and also functionality.


We’ve made the following improvements

  • Added the ability to hide Security Code from Self Check-in. This can be done via Check-in settings.
  • Security Code can be included when adding a new family via the Check-in screen.
  • Parent and Children labels can now be printed when you choose to check-in both adults and children.
  • Added a setting to limit how many labels can be printed per person via the Self Check-in area.
  • Print Station page will now auto-refresh to help rectify printer jams.
  • Added timeout to Self Check-in page so if a user does not move their mouse or press a key on the keyboard after 15 seconds, the Self Check-in home page will be loaded.
  • Error messages on Self Check-in page will now timeout.

We’ve also added the ability to preview scheduled emails and SMS from the scheduled list, duplicate Service Types and the ability to add the year of a Giving Statement to the template to assist with numbering reports. For example you could get the statement number as YEAR-GIVINGNUMBER (e.g: 2015-12345678).

We’re continuing to see great progress with Version 2 and will be releasing more information about our BETA testing program in the coming months. V2 will see further improvements to the Check-in Area including a Quick Check-in system and also an onscreen QWERTY keyboard.

Full release notes of 1.11 can be found on this page.

Hope you have a great week!


February Updates

The development team here at Elvanto have hit the ground running this year, and we’re pleased to offer a bunch of new updates and features this month. We hope you’re as excited as we are about the changes – full details are below!

Some of the biggest additions and changes have been executed within the Financial area of the system. After seeing our US churches finalize their end of year giving statements and receiving valuable feedback, we’ve made the following updates:

  • More mass manage options now available when working with transactions, batches and pledges.


  • Running total now shown when adding multiple transaction amounts.
  • Pledge Drives can now be added to Chart of Accounts to help track giving.
  • Multiple people can now be added to a single pledge (great for connecting primary and spouse giving

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Elvanto 2 – January Update

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great holiday season. Our team took a couple of weeks off and are now back refreshed to tackle a new year.

There’s been quite a bit of buzz about Elvanto 2. We’ve had quite a number of users asking when it will be released and if they can BETA test. We’ve been making some great progress and are super excited of what’s the come. Today, I want to give a quick update as to where version 2 is at, and what we’re focusing on.

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