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6 Practical Ways To Look After Your Church Volunteers


Volunteers are the hands and feet of the church. Without them you cannot properly function as a body. They not only offer their time but also their gifts and skills to serve. They are always willing to give but rarely get something in return.

With such a valuable group of people always prepared to stand in the gap for your church, it may be time to give back and meet them halfway.

What do volunteers expect from you to fulfil their mission successfully?


6 Surefire Steps to Serve Your Church Visitors Well

alexis-brown-85793-unsplashThere is a church you’ve wanted to visit for a long time, and now you’ve finally attended a service for the first time. But how much courage did you have to muster up to meet a bunch of strangers and make awkward small talk? Was it a safe space where you felt welcome or did it feel like your every move was being scrutinized?

Fact is, first impressions carry much more weight than we care to admit.

Your Church Website, The Digital Gateway That Keeps You Connected To Your Congregation


First impressions last, especially when it comes to your church website. 

Many times the first point of contact between a church and a visitor is the website and this can make or break their decision to engage with you.

It’s crucial that you communicate exactly who you are and what you believe and provide a user-friendly and informative platform through which visitors and members can get in touch with you at all times. 


Top 5 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Church Management Software

Information these days is easy to come by but can just as easily lead to information overload which may overwhelm your ability to make the right decision. 

Buying technology for your church may sound simple but if done wrong can cause more harm than good. 

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when you’re considering which church management software is the right fit for you.


How To Convince Your Pastor That You Need A Church Management Software (ChMS)?

In today’s culture, we live under an “adapt or die” policy.

Comfort smothers any aspect of growth and unless we learn to embrace change we cannot expect a different outcome. But what if that change is the difference between whether your church starves or thrives?

That’s why it’s crucial to get your pastor on board the “ChMS train” or better known as church management software.


A Simple Guide To Effective Church Communications

Sharing your church’s message with the community is tricky business.

You’re focused on sharing the gospel, teaching the Word of God, helping people apply biblical principles to their lives, educating about tithing in the bible, caring for the poor, running great kids ministry, and so much more!

For most churches, you don’t have the staff, volunteer base, or financial bandwidth to hire support for promotions or marketing.

church communications

How To Effectively Keep In Touch With Your Church Community

When you’re not busy preparing sermons, counseling people and rushing off to hospital visits, you’re forced to keep an eye on your leaders and volunteers, sort out the admin and finances, and somehow manage to keep up with a long line of church members all demanding your attention.
You realize that it’s just not possible to get everything done.
It’s time for change


Streamline Your Admin Duties with Church Management Software

It’s hard enough to barely have the time to take care of your family, juggle your responsibilities, and on top of that manage a church all in a day’s work.

But what if there was a solution to help ease your load and give you back your life?

I bet you’re on the edge of your seat now… I’m talking about software that will significantly streamline your administrative and operational duties so that you’re free to do what you love and are called to – advancing the Kingdom of God. The answer is ChMs...


How to Share What Matters Most in Your Church Communications

Here are some foundational things to help improve the quality of communications in your church, and see an increase in audience response. I truly believe that when the audience response increases, there is numerical growth in the church.

Sound good? Let's dive in.

One of the top struggles I see is with churches Knowing What To Communicate. Here's what I mean.


How Your Church Can Have A Thriving Online Presence

This is a special guest post from our friends at WP for Church

At WP for Church, we want to see your church thrive.  We want to see people flooding through your doors to hear Jesus proclaimed week after week.  And we know that one of the most critical ways of seeing this happen is for you to have a thriving online presence.