We want to integrate with ProPresenter!

We are currently working on integrating with ProPresenter, a software application created by the team over at Renewed Vision. ProPresenter is one of the most popular church presentation softwares available on the market today, and since the guys over at Renewed Vision are working hard on the next version, we’d love to be a part of it!

In order to do this, we need your help.

We’ve been in communication with Renewed Vision to get integrated, but so far haven’t been given the green light.

To help us get there, we’d love you to do one or more of these three things:

We hope that by building a bit of a buzz and showing them that we have plenty of customers wanting this integration, it will help us finally join the dots!

Thanks everyone for your continued support, we look forward to continuing to bring better software solutions.

CEO & Founder

PDF and Excel Report Improvements

This past fortnight, we’ve put a big focus on improving PDF and Excel files generated from within Elvanto. We’ve nailed a number of issues that customers have been experiencing, and are pleased to release a few updates to the software. We hope this will make a big improvement the next time you find yourself generating reports.

We’ve made some major improvements to the way PDF reports are generated:

  • PDFs with larges amounts of data now generate much faster
  • PDFs that include images also generate much faster
  • Column headings now span over multiple pages
  • Rows with information that spans over multiple lines fit much better and don’t overlap
  • PDF file sizes are much smaller
  • Dates now output in a more readable format (but still allow you to sort correctly)

Some of these updates will also apply to other PDFs generated by Elvanto, including things like service plans, letters and labels.

We’ve also made some small improvements to the way Excel reports are generated.

  • Headings are now bold
  • The widths of cells are now automatically adjusted based on the content
  • The heights of cells now adjust based on the amount of lines in a row

As we continue to develop the Reports area of Elvanto, we hope to release a new inbuilt ‘Activity Report’, which will allow you to report on changes and actions that have been made against person’s profile. We also hope to further customize the options and selections for individual members showing in the member directory.

Stay Tuned!

The new Elvanto is coming

Hi Everyone!

It’s Aaron here- I’m the head of UX design here at Elvanto. My role is to help revolutionize how Elvanto is used across desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. It’s my pleasure to start showing you some of the upcoming designs for the new Elvanto ‘Admin Area’. Of course, everything is in development, so things may change as we progress and figure out even better ways to do things, but here’s a sneak peek of some of the coming updates!

The new admin area will allow you to add your logo and a color of your choice to the layout. The below image shows some of the colors within the palette we’ve been working on to bring Elvanto a breath of fresh air and life.

Admin Logo

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End Of Financial Year Releases and Updates

As the Australian financial year comes to an end, we are pleased to announce the final updates to the way the system tracks and reports on giving, along with a few other exciting changes.

Launch of Contacts

Contacts have officially been launched today, which means that people not yet connected in your church that you want to track or follow up can be stored on the system free of charge. For those who missed last week’s blog post on Contacts, there’s also lots of information and further clarification within the Contacts support article.

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Introducing ‘Contacts’, a new way to store people not yet connected in your church

As Elvanto continues to grow and facilitate all kinds of denominations and churches, we’re always looking for ways to improve the system.  One area we looked at recently was the handling of outreach and community contacts.

At the end of the day, our heart and mission as a company is to help churches see people not yet connected become active in their communities, and we felt that creating a space in the system for such people would be a useful addition to the software.

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